20 Things About Me

So I thought that this is a nice fun way for you’ll to now more about me. They are random facts in a random order and every couple of months I’ll put up a new one with more random facts about me.

1. I cannot get enough of processed frozen fried food… the frozen french fries and nuggets.

2. I have a major thing for paper… whether it is in a notebook or a type of file.

3. I have a major girl crush on Kate Hudson.

4. I once had a pet scorpion.

5. Tea has the opposite effect on me… It makes me sleepy rather than waking me up.

6. I decided to start this blog on a complete whim at 2:30 in the morning… I asked one of my best friends and then just went for it even though I was in the middle of 12th standard boards.

7. I am in total love with the chocolate chip cookies from Candies.

8. Most of my stuff is really organized, and as a person so am I, but if you walk into my room, its like entering a waste yard.

9. I made my dad buy me a Zoella Beauty pouch when he was in the UK.

10. I love adventure sports and things that risk life. From diving to water skiing to zip lining, I love it all.

11. If in a movie an animal dies, I will be more depressed than if a person dies.

12. My nails are my bae.

13. I can finish a foot long sub and still be hungry.

14. I loooove the beach.

15. I once owned a fake Blackberry.

16. The ‘p’ key on my keyboard does not work.

17. I am addicted to caffeine meaning Coke. I must have at least a glass a day.

18. I never watched Nickelodeon or Disney as a kid. I only watched shows like Friends.

19. Even though I suck at Hindi, it was the subject I scored the highest in, in my 10th standard finals.

20. Most of my friends were once scared of me before they actually got to know me.

If you too have random quirks like I do, leave them in them in the comments below and maybe it’ll be something we may have in common.

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