The Tame Goose Chase Scavenger Hunt

Similar to the Valentine’s Day Dessert Crawl, Time Out or Paprika lab Ideas, planned an event called the Tame Goose Chase Scavenger Hunt. Fellow blogger Everything on a Plate (my cousin) and I decided to try out, along with her husband and his brother. While I had done the dessert crawl in Powai, she did it in Parel and had a far better experience than I did. And so we hoped this would be as good as her experience had been. According to their Facebook page, the reporting time was 2pm at Out of the Blue on Carter Road. I got there early, but when I walked in I didn’t find any poster or banner saying there was anything other than the normal taking place at the venue. I asked the lady seating guests whether this was the right place for the chase, and she asked me if I was the coordinator for the event. Anyway I took a seat and waited for my cousin as well as the Time Out coordinator.

Time Out showed up when it was way past 2, only around 2:30 and once we registered told us that the hunt would only start at 4 and so till then we must sit there and wait. Not just us, but everyone part of the hunt convinced them to let us start early and so we did, by 3.

The rules of the hunt were as follows:

  • At the start, you were given 10 clues, each of which must be answered by taking a picture of the solution.
  • The solution (i.e. the picture) must be put on social media like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, using the hashtags provided for each clue. Using the hashtags is compulsory.
  • Once you get to the outlet, show the picture along with the hashtags posted online, and collect the treat you earned.
  • This must be done for all 10 solutions. The order in which you go to each outlet could be up to you, as long as you go to the first and tenth place, first and then last, it was all upto you.

When we registered, we were given a map with the location of each outlet as well as the rules. The other side had all the clues given along with their hashtags.


Since we only started at 3, we took the 20 minutes we had on hand to start solving the clues and enjoy the cool but tad to sweet ice tea they served. Unfortunately at the end we realized that sitting there for 20 minutes may not have been the best idea, since a lot of people skipped out early, and got a good head start to the hunt.

The second clue was “The Master Blaster’s ultimate weapon resides by the ocean. Carter Rd. #MeSoHappi #Sachin #TameGoose” Instantly we knew the answer was Sachin’s cricket bat erected at the end of Carter Road, facing the ocean. We chose to add things we were carrying to the pictures so that it would honestly look like we took the picture.

Once done with that, we headed off to Me So Happi to collect our treat. We were given a beautiful layer cake with some chocolate and candied nuts. The mint leaf on top didn’t work too well, but it was still yummy.



Instead of going to Star Anise next, we went to Linking Road to get a picture of blue sneakers before going to Bombay Coffee House. The 4th clue was “What shoes do secret agents wear? Sneakers of course! Click a picture of a pair of blue shoes from any store on Linking Road! #BlueSneakers #BombayCoffeeHouse #TameGoose”

At Bombay Coffee House, they gave each of us a generous piece of a chocolate brownie which we quickly gobbled up before heading off to complete clue number 5.


The 5th clue was an interesting one, “The eyes on the wall see everything, American Express #HillRd #DrBubbles #TameGoose #BandraMurals” Opposite the American Express in Bandra is mural with eyes on it, and so that was the answer.

At Dr Bubbles, they gave us an interesting bubble tea, Lychee bubble tea, but instead of bubbles, they added some black grape jellies made of coconut on top. I’m not a huge fan of lychee and so didn’t particularly like the flavour however, it did taste good to my cousin.


Next we went to Shakey Wakey. According to the clue, “The imaginary bubble that has all your thoughts! Find me at this outlet and take a picture #TameGoose #ShakeyWakey” all we had to do was look around, and we did for a few minutes before we realized it was staring us straight in the face.

Just like Dr. Bubbles, Shakey Wakey gave us a drink. They had 3 drinks we could choose from, watermelon juice, fresh lime soda and strawberry milkshake. Of which we chose the watermelon juice and fresh lime soda.


Once done with clue 7, we moved onto clue 8, “Capture this wave in order to be entitled for your treat #DiBella #TameGoose” This was a clue it took us quite a while to figure out, till we realized that next to Di Bella is a massive book store called Title Waves, which I am dying to go check out but didn’t have time to do that day.

Di Bella gave us some delicious waffles with chocolate sauce and some ice cream to go it. Honestly, it was the first place that gave us a decent portion size. In terms of food, Bombay Coffee House and Me So Happi had given us very small portion sizes which didn’t let us truly enjoy it.


WhatsApp-Image-20160605 (1)

The 8th place we visited, was actually our 3rd clue, “022-26407383 beans are spread all over the city, find one #StarAnisePatisserie #TameGoose” All over BOmbay this number is plastered using spray paint, and below the number are the words “Bean bags for sale”. It took us a few minutes to figure it out, and we even tried calling the number till we finally figured it out. Unfortunately it took us quite a while to find the graffiti.

Star Anise Patisserie offered us a mango and chia seed panna cotta. I can’t comment on its flavour, because I don’t like mango or chia seed, however, they were quite generous in terms of their portion size, just like Di Bella.

Picture by Neha Rajadhyaksha

The 9th clue according to our clue sheet was,”For 4 centuries this landmark has stood the test of time, it can be found right across a yacht, click it #VillageShop #TameGoose” The solution was St. Andrew’s Church.

The Village Shop gave us a nice refreshing salad. It was nice to eat something savoury after all the sweet. However the salad could have been way better and could have actually showcased the kind of food sold by the establishment.


Picture by Neha Rajadhyaksha

Our second last stop was clue number 6, Hokey POkey. The clue to claim the prize was, “This waterbody is all over Mumbai, find the nearest one #ArabianSea #HokeyPokey #TameGoose”

Hokey Pokey served us with some yummy strawberry ice cream. The guys at Hokey Pokey also gave us some jars of the Epigamia greek yoghurt, that was one of the event sponsors.

Picture by Neha Rajadhyaksha
Picture by Neha Rajadhyaksha

Our last stop was Wok Express. Our clue was,”The Asians are the most efficient at using this equipment. Take a picture of this famous Chinese wooden cutlery. #WokExpress #Chopsticks #TameGoose #LastOutlet”

I presumed that considering this was the last outlet, they would give us something delicious to finish off the chase. However we were all greatly disappointed. They infact didn’t give us any food, but a coupon for 100 rupees which could only be redeemed if you spent over 500 bucks, which in my opinion was ridiculous.

All in all it was a fun experience however the whole event could have been planned out a lot better and the food served could have been superior.


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