2048 Cookies

I used to play a lot of 2048. And I mean a lot. I tend to rewatch a lot of TV shows, and when doing so I get really bored (I’m strange, let’s go with it), so I play 2048. I honestly don’t know what made me, but I decided to make 2048 cookies. I don’t mean two thousand and forty-eight cookies. I mean the position I was in at the time in the game.

The 2048 version I play, is the kind where the grid is larger, which means you can reach higher numbers and therefore the denominations (is that the right word) are more. It also means that I needed more colors and cookies.

2048 (1)

This is the kind of thing that involves a lot of work, and no work at the same time, you’ll see why soon.

I’ve made the cookies using my sugar cookies recipe and this royal icing.

You want to start by rolling out the dough to about 2mm thickness and then using a ruler, measure out how big you want each square to be. Mine was about 7.5×7.5 cm. Lay them out gently on a baking tray and bake. I needed 25 cookies, but I made a few extra just in case.

While the cookies cool, move onto making the different colours of icing. For this specific layout, I needed 12 different shades, plus white. Please please please know how many colours you need and make the royal icing accordingly. Coz honestly its too much of a pain to remake the icing if you haven’t gotten enough.

2048 (4)

You only need to make a little of each shade since each colour will go on a max of two to three cookies.

Let’s go shade by shade and what you need to add to get it to that colour:

  • Blue for 131072 – Americolor Sky Blue
  • Green for 32768 – Americolor Forest Green
  • Green for 8192 – Americolor Mint Green
  • Green for 4096 – Americolor Electric Green
  • Yellow for 256 – Americolor Lemon Yellow + Orange
  • Yellow for 128 – Americolor Electric Yellow
  • Red for 32 – Americolor Coral Red
  • Orange for 16 – Americolor Electric Orange
  • Orange for 8 – Americolor Peach
  • Grey for 4 – Americolor Espresso
  • Grey for 2 – Americolor Slate
  • Grey for filler pieces – Americolor Ash

I’ve mentioned the Americolor shades that would work perfectly for this since it is most commonly used, however you can use basic shades and tweak them here and there to get the desired shade.

Please DO NOT, however, use liquid food colouring, since it tends to thin out the royal icing. If you do, please be very careful with the quantities you add.

Fill the coloured icing into piping bags, without nozzles. Fit a thin round nozzle onto a piping bag, and fill in the white icing.

It’s time to start icing the cookies! Check the grid you are using, and start covering each cookie, using the technique mentioned in the wedding cookies post.

Once all of them are done, set them aside overnight to dry.

I recommend keeping the icings until you are done, just in case, since there may be a little damage when you set up the cookies in the grid.

The next day, all you have to do is pipe on the numbers, and you are done.

Lay them out however you want, I followed the grid I had actually reached in the game, but you can essentially place them however you like!

2048 (14)2048 (13)2048 (11)

Photography by Neha Rajadhyaksha


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