Christmas Tree

Its 5 days before Christmas! We’re thick into the spirit of it. However, I can guarantee that there are a lot of people that are just not getting into the festive spirit! So for those Grinches, I have these little Christmas tree cookies that require literally no work.

I may have already said this, but I can guarantee that these were the easiest of all the advent cookies I have done so far.

I thought in contrast to the white royal icing, why not do some dark chocolate sugar cookies.

The cutters I used for these were plain flower cutters. You know like the ones you get in a set? So I used 5 different sizes going from small to large.

Once baked and cooled you want to do 2 layers at a time. And then once they’ve set you glue them together.

When you start with the smaller sized ones, I would recommend spreading the royal icing on the entire cookie.

For the bigger ones though, I’d recommend putting the royal icing only on the edges. The icing tends to spread quite a bit which causes it to spill over making it all look very messy.

And then just keep going until you finish the whole pile.

For the top, I cut up one of the flowers to form little triangles while I fixed into a load of royal icing.

For those who are feeling slightly more festive, why not try using some colourful sprinkles while some of the icing is wet to jazz it up!

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