Devil’s Eggs

Happy Easter Weekend everyone! I’m sure everyone is tucking into some delicious Easter eggs, and treats settling in for some down time this long weekend. If you’re like me however, you’re probably thinking about all the delicious Easter food you can make and devour with friends and family.

This year, I decided to make Devil’s Eggs. Not basic, classic Devil’s eggs, but something with a spin on it.

To have some variety, I made three different kinds, each more delicious than the last. You have pesto, tempura fried sambal and truffle. Yes I know the truffle one is hard to make since not everyone can do that, but you could always go classic instead.

So the base of any devil’s eggs is of course the egg itself. You need fully boiled eggs, cut in half, with the yolk scooped out and saved to the side.

I did 5 eggs in total, which when cut in half give you 10 devil’s eggs. Each flavour had 3 pieces on the platter.

Starting off with the pesto ones, I used my recipe which you can find here. Simply mix some of the pesto into the egg yolks, with a little bit of cream or milk until its a smooth consistency.

For the truffle one, I again mixed the yolks with some cream to ensure a smooth consistency. I then added about half a teaspoon of truffle oil. You want to keep tasting as you go, to ensure that the flavour of the oil isn’t too overpowering.

The tempura fried sambal one, is a bit tricky. To the egg yolks, add a little bit of sambal, tasting regularly. Depending on the kind of sambal you use, it can be really really spicy, so just be super careful.

Once the mixture is done, work on the tempura batter. You want to make a batter that isn’t too thick, since that can make the fried egg extremely dense, nor do you want it to be too runny, since that wont give the batter a chance to coat the egg well.

Coat the egg in your freshly made batter, and drop it straight into hot oil.

Prep all your mixtures in piping bags. If you’re feeling fancy, try using a nozzle as well.

Then all you got to do is lay out the egg white halves, and pipe the delicious mixture into each.

You’ll probably have some mixture left over, which you can use the following morning on your toast for breakfast!

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