Savoury Smores

A couple of days ago I did a post on black olive and rosemary sables. As wonderful as those biscuits taste on their own, they taste even better when turned into some delicious smores.

When you hear the word smore, your brain instantly goes to gooey marshmallows and melted chocolate between crackers. Imagine if instead it went to crispy bacon and melted cheese? Mouth watering yet?

Once you have the sables in hand, its all about putting the smore together.

Ideally you’d use triangles of brie or Camembert in the smore. But as some of you may know, the cost of those cheeses is a little exorbitant. Instead, I used some processed cheese triangles, like the ones you get from Laughing Cow or Go Cheese .

Open up the foil on the cheese and place it in the oven, to soften and melt for a few minutes.

As for the bacon, I simply fried a few rashers off in a pan until crispy and set aside.

Undo the foil on the cheese, and place it on a sable. Add on a strip of bacon, and on goes the top.

I honestly couldn’t help myself while shooting, and just had to take a bite. Man was it good…


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