Breakfast in Bed – Mother’s Day

Its Mother’s Day this Sunday and as cliched as it may be, breakfast in bed is the ideal thing to do for her.

On countless mornings your mum has woken up and prepared a meal for you to either eat fresh, or pack and take. Whether its before school, early in the morning for a trip, or late in the day when you’ve been up all night studying.

Creating this beautiful breakfast tray is honestly very simple. It just requires a little bit of planning.

There are only a couple of components on the tray I actually made, the french toast and mango yogurt parfait. You can find the recipes for those over on my Instagram in the highlights section.

As for the rest of it, they’re honestly just things I picked up on my way home from work, or found around the house.

The butter I simply piped on a plate using a star nozzle, and left to set in the freezer. Once frozen, using a knife, simple lift off the rosette and place in your butter bowl.

Even though there already is some mango on the tray, no breakfast is really complete without some fresh fruit. A small bowl with watermelon, apple and some pineapple were just enough.

Also a chocolate croissant is a must some mornings. Obviously I didn’t make the pastries, just picked them up on my way home. Pop the pain au chocolat and plain croissant it in a bowl on a doily, and you have an adorable breakfast bread basket.

To make the tray extra adorable, I put together a few flowers in a milk jug and placed them on.

And of course, there had to be a handmade card to show mum just how much you love her!


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  1. What a lovely presentation!


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