Savoury, On Toast

I freaking love toast. Who doesn’t?! Almost everything today is served on toast, sweet or savoury. And honestly why not? So to make some already yummy toast, even more delicious I decided to top it with a bunch of different things.

I’ve used a multigrain loaf you can get at any of your local grocery stores, and toasted it in a toaster. I added butter on some and not on the others, depending on the kind of toppings I put on.

I started with the common mushrooms on toast. Its honestly a classic. You just can’t go wrong. Toss thinly sliced mushrooms in some butter and garlic, until they brown and the water evaporates. Once on the bread, sprinkle some finely chopped parsley and chilli flakes.

In second place is everyone’s current all-time fav, avo on toast. Its all the rage currently. Personally I’m not the biggest fan of avocado, however my mother adores it and was all over the slice after we were done shooting. The thing about avocado in India however, is that the good quality ones cost an arm and a leg. Which means we end up buying much cheaper Indian ones that take forever to ripen, and then go bad almost overnight. So if you truly love it, keep an eye on it or it tips over the edge pretty fast. I let my avo shine on this toast, with just some butter on the bottom, perfectly ripe avo, some sea salt, chilli flakes and a drizzle of olive oil.

The next ones for all you egg lovers out there. A slightly Asian inspired toast, with a super soft boiled egg (about 9 minutes), some spring onions and sesame, it can be the ideal breakfast to kick start your day. If you’re willing a very slight drizzle of light soy, can make it taste divine.

Moving on, I decided to do an English favorite, cucumber and cream cheese. Instead of making it into traditional finger sandwich for tea, I sliced some ribbons of cucumber (use a peeler, and keep going on it till you get beautiful long ribbons), spread some cream cheese onto the toast, placed the ribbons, added some crushed pepper, and done!

I’m currently obsessed with green tomatoes and can’t stop using them! I went to the farmer’s market a couple of weeks ago and found these adorable baby green tomatoes, and some red and yellow cherry tomatoes. You can either sliced them up and layer them onto some buttered toast, or slow roast the slices in the oven for about half an hour to really get its flavours out. I added some basil leaves, crumbled feta, salt and pepper once ready. The only reason I used feta was I had it in my fridge, fresh mozzarella would taste a lot nicer, but it can be expensive.

And lastly! Mushy peas and bacon! I had to do something with bacon coz I think it just fixes everything. Once you’ve boiled your peas, add a load of butter to the pan and let it cook until the peas have become really soft. Using the back of a spoon, keep pressing down the peas till they’ve broken apart. Don’t let the peas be too runny, otherwise you’ll end up with soggy bread.

These are honestly just a few options of what you could put on toast. Sweet, savoury, anything goes well!


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