Since I’ve been stuck at home for the last two months, I got back my bug of wanting to do posts regularly. On top of that, I also have all the time in the world to create content (with restrictions of course). I’ve been cooking up some sort of a storm at home, using ingredients I can find, or trying to come up with the best possible alternatives.

I’ve also been super lazy for the past several months, and not posted anything. However I have had a few ideas written down. So going to post those as well..

Unfortunately I’m stuck without my trusty photographer Everything On A Plate. So I’m using my father IPhone X on portrait mode to shoot.

Besides posting recipes, I’m also going to post about past dive holidays I’ve been on, as well as experiences I’ve had that I haven’t mentioned.

Most recipes will be a repeat from what’s on my Instagram. Probably with more details and information, so watch out for that.

Stay Safe! Stay Home!


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